Windows Copilot Equipped with New Capabilities!

Copilot, the artificial intelligence assistant of Windows 11, is equipped with new features to make your life easier.

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Windows Copilot Equipped with New Capabilities!

Microsoft continues to improve Copilot, Windows 11’s artificial intelligence assistant. With the latest update, Copilot gained new capabilities such as listing wireless networks, showing system information, providing battery information and managing startup apps.

Copilot’s New Abilities:

  • List available wireless networks
  • List system or device information
  • Providing battery information
  • Cleaning the storage area
  • Emptying the recycling bin
  • Switching to battery saving mode
  • Demonstrate starter applications
  • Show IP address
  • Provide information about the system, device or storage
  • Opening the narrator
  • Open voice access
  • Open the magnifying glass
  • Change text size
  • Start live subtitles
  • Turning on high contrast
  • Start voice typing
  • When will the update be released?

The new Copilot update is currently available for testers. While there is no official announcement from Microsoft, the update is expected to roll out to all users in the coming weeks.

About Copilot:

Copilot is an artificial intelligence assistant integrated into Windows 11. It helps users to perform various tasks through simple commands. Copilot can be accessed from Windows 11’s Settings menu or the search bar.

Why is this Update Important?

Copilot’s new capabilities will help Windows 11 users use their PCs more easily and efficiently. In particular, tasks such as managing wireless networks, saving battery power and controlling startup applications will be much easier.

More Information:

Microsoft Copilot official page
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