Windows 11 Update Turns Your Android into a Wireless Webcam

Using an Android phone as a wireless webcam with Windows 11 is now official. Here are the details.

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Windows 11 Update Turns Your Android into a Wireless Webcam

Microsoft has been working for years to increase integration between Windows and Android. Finally, the company has made it possible to use Android smartphones as webcams with Windows 11. With a wireless connection, you can use your smartphone as a webcam on a Windows 11 PC.

Use Android phone as webcam on Windows 11

The latest update for Windows Insider turns smartphones into webcams. Windows 11 users will just need to download the Link to Windows app on their Android phones running Android 9 or newer.

You can set up a wireless connection by activating the “Use Phone as Webcam” option in the app. Once this setting is configured, the phone’s front or rear camera can be selected in any video calling application on the computer. So you can join your Zoom, Skype or Google Meet meetings with your Android phone.

A toolbar in Windows 11 will give users control over their phone cameras without switching between devices. Options include switching the front and rear cameras, pausing the video stream and enabling HDR for better low-light performance.

The broadcast will be wireless, eliminating the need for cables. This will make it more useful for low-resolution computer webcams or desktops without cameras.

The feature is currently being tested in Windows 11 Insider channels and is expected to be widely available in the coming months. It is worth noting that there are already similar third-party apps.


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