Samsung launches giant gaming monitor!

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Samsung launches giant gaming monitor!

Samsung will launch a new massive 55-inch gaming monitor called Odyssey Ark next August.

Samsung launches giant gaming monitor!

Samsung, one of the world’s largest panel manufacturers, has recently focused on televisions and gaming monitors. In fact, it introduced 3 new models, Odyssey Neo G8, Neo G7 and Neo G4, at an event earlier this month. Now, Samsung is preparing to launch the full 55-inch Odyssey Ark monitor, which it introduced at the last CES.

55-inch Samsung Odyssey Ark goes on sale in August!

Odyssey Ark, which will be offered for sale by Samsung next August, does not look like the first 3 models of the series with its features. The monitor with 1440 x 5150 (can be 4K) resolution uses a VA-type panel with 240 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. Although it has a 16:9 aspect ratio, its 55-inch size is actually enough to stand alone instead of 2-3 different monitors.

Samsung launches giant gaming monitor!

With the stand it measures 1147.6 x 537.2 x 416.4 mm and weighs 16.7 kg, while on its own it measures 1147.6 x 363.5 x 291.0 mm and weighs 14.1 kg. In addition, the screen has a curvature of 1000R and HDR support, with a maximum brightness of 600 nits. When we look at the panel type, we see that it is specified as QLED Dual QHD IPS. On the power consumption side, it is said that it can reach up to 140W.

The leaks that emerged in the past period said that Ark would come with 2K support, not 4K like the Neo G8 model. Many people insist that a monitor with a huge size like 55 inches and to be used at close range should be 4K. However, while there is no certainty on this issue for the moment, let’s say that it is expected to come with 4K.

New Odyssey series prices
Ark 55: $2,499
Neo G8: 1,499 dollars
Neo G7: 1,299 dollars
G4 27-inch: 385 dollars
G4 25 inch: 325 dollars


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