Zuckerberg is ambitious: 1 billion users in the Metaverse

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Zuckerberg is ambitious: 1 billion users in the Metaverse

An ambitious target has been announced for the number of users of the Metaverse technology, which Zuckerberg and Meta are pushing.

Zuckerberg is ambitious: 1 billion users in the Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg is undoubtedly one of the biggest believers in the Metaverse. After Facebook’s reform last year, the company focused on the Metaverse. Although we are currently seeing small features such as avatars coming to Instagram, Zuckerberg and his company seem determined in their mission. So much so that a date has even been given for when the Metaverse technology will reach the target of 1 billion users.

From multi-millionaires to social media users, everyone interested in technology is curious about Metaverse developments. The first source on this subject is usually Meta. While you are used to hearing pessimistic statements about this technology, you may want to listen to Zuckerberg.

Meta: The number of Metaverse users will reach 1 billion in 2030

In Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s interview with CNBC, the topic of Metaverse and targets came up again. Zuckerberg mentioned that the purchase of digital content is a major source of revenue for the company and emphasized that this is a big trump card for the development of Meta’s reality lab. The AR and VR lab, which has already spent billions of dollars so far, will become even stronger with acquisitions.

Meta has previously said that no special hardware is required to connect with the Metaverse. Zuckerberg reiterated that modern smartphones, tablets and computers are enough to access the Metaverse. This is the reason behind the company’s statement that we will see 1 billion Metaverse users in 2030.

Meta currently does not charge any fees or commissions to creators. This is to encourage creators to support the virtual universe. Even though billions of dollars are being invested in reality labs, creators are not footing the bill for now.

Do you think Meta will achieve this goal in 2030?


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