Russia sues Google!

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Russia sues Google!

Russia and technology companies are often confronted, especially in the recent period. Roskomnadzor sued Google.

Russia sues Google!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine undoubtedly reverberated around the world. Political and trade sanctions imposed in response to the humanitarian tragedy continue to complicate the situation for Russia and the Russian people. Russia, on the other hand, finds this attitude too much for itself. The country is finally suing Google.

Russia sues Google for violating personal data legislation

Russia’s communications regulator Roskomnadzor on Friday targeted Google and some tech companies. With the beginning of the war, there is complete chaos in the technology and digital world. Roskomnadzor has sued Google for violating personal data legislation.

Russia is taking a stand against many important companies in this regard. Aside from Google, Airbnb has also sued six other companies: Pinterest, Likeme, Twitch, Apple and United Parcel Service. On the other hand, Russia is expected to impose a penalty of at least $ 300,000 to Google.

Russia sues Google! 1

Russia is going through hard times after its invasion of Ukraine. The country, which has been hit hard by the world of technology, provides some of the technologies it needs from China and Indonesia. Many giant technology companies, such as Google, have imposed sanctions on Russia.

On the other hand, the first conflict between Russia and Google is not limited to this. In recent months, Russia has fined Google $ 47,000 for leaking Russian users’ data out of the country. The duo, who are facing many minor penalties like this, are on the verge of a big case this time.

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