Meta Presents Its “Most Ingenious” Artificial Intelligence Model Ever: Introducing Llama 3!

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Meta is here with developments that will make competitors like OpenAI and Google a bit uneasy.

Meta, which is taking firm steps on the artificial intelligence side, has ensured that its moves are permanent by taking more established steps in this regard, even though it jumps into the sector like Google. This makes it possible for it to challenge current giants such as OpenAI and NVIDIA. The company recently started to launch its assistant named Meta AI.

Having announced this, the company shone the spotlight on the language model called Llama 3. This language model, which comes in two versions, is the most ingenious language model offered as open source, according to the company. Apart from that, it has very interesting details.

The first two models of the Llama 3 generation come with the names 8B and 70B.

Meta Presents Its "Most Ingenious" Artificial Intelligence Model Ever: Introducing Llama 3! 1

The names come from the number of parameters. There are 8 billion parameters in 8B and 70 billion in 70B. These parameters are said to be able to handle a wide range of usage scenarios. Meta also says that the model performs at a high level in industry-standard benchmarks and has advanced logic execution capabilities.

The model also powers Meta’s newly released artificial intelligence assistant. This takes the assistant’s current capabilities to the next level. Although the models introduced are text-based, Meta will produce models that can analyze both multilingual and multiple data types in the future.

Meta is competing fiercely with its rivals and is not afraid to use everything at its disposal. The company will offer the same AI assistant it has built into its apps on its Ray-Ban Meta glasses. What are your thoughts?


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