Google’s YouTube Kids Decision: Smart TV app to be Removed

Google is preparing to remove the popular Youtube Kids app from smart TVs. Here are the details...

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Google's YouTube Kids Decision: Smart TV app to be Removed

Google‘s long-term quest in the smart TV market is now clearly evident. These devices, which are preferred more and more every day, are starting to gain an important place in our lives. According to the latest information, Google is now taking an important step with the YouTube Kids app.

The app, which previously operated independently, will now be fully integrated into YouTube. However, it is curious how this decision will be received by parents. Because the Kids app served as a separate entity, making it faster and more practical to use. Here are all the details about this development…

Google's YouTube Kids Decision: Smart TV app to be Removed

Google announces its decision on YouTube Kids!

Game consoles will also be affected by this change. However, users on Android and iOS platforms will not be affected by this change and will continue to access the standalone app. Because it is stated that the applications on these platforms are designed separately. It is said that this update, which will take effect from July, will improve the user experience and save users from having to download a separate application.

However, in its official statement, Google emphasizes that the practice will remain essentially the same and that parents will continue to ensure the safety of children as they access their favorite content. Although the reasons behind the company’s decision are not fully explained, we hope that this change will ultimately benefit users.


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