Four conditions from Putin to stop the war

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Four conditions from Putin to stop the war

Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with French President Emmanuel Macron. In a phone call, Putin explained the four conditions for a cessation of hostilities in Ukraine

Four conditions from Putin to stop the war

Putin and Macron spoke by phone, the Kremlin said in a statement.

“Putin stressed that such a solution is only possible by unconditionally considering Russia’s legitimate interests in the field of security, including the recognition of Russia’s sovereignty over Crimea, the de-militarism and Nazism of the Ukrainian state, and the provision of its neutral status,” the statement said, as Putin outlined the conditions for resolving the problem during the meeting.

The Statement noted that the Russian side is open to negotiations with ukrainian representatives and expects this to lead to desired results.

Putin was quoted as telling Macron that the Russian Armed Forces do not threaten civilians and pay special attention to non-military locations, adding that the threat “comes from Ukrainian nationalists who use the civilian population as human shields, deliberately deploy offensive weapons systems in residential areas, and bomb Donbas heavily.”


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