Tesla crisis: Company faces felony charges

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Tesla crisis: Company faces felony charges

U.S.-based electric car maker Tesla faces racism and harassment lawsuit Here are all the details…

Things have been going wrong for some time for Tesla, which has been touted as one of the pioneers of change in the automotive industry. The company, which has recently become the focus of criticism due to safety problems in some of its vehicles, now faces very serious charges. Here are the details…

Tesla crisis: Company faces felony charges

Tesla was sued for harassment and racism

As you will recall, some companies that everyone knows and know well have come up with sexual harassment and racism cases recently. Tesla has even been sued for sexual harassment by some plant employees in California in recent months. The company faced new lawsuits not long after these incidents.

The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) announced late last night that it was suing Tesla over allegations of harassment and racism. The complaint filed in state court cited alleged incidents at the company’s Fremont facilities.

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Hundreds of complaints have been filed against DFEH executive Kevin Kish for alleged racism, harassment, job appointments that have led to a hostile work environment, and discrimination in wages and promotions, the Wall Street Journal reported. Following these complaints, the department decided to sue.

In addition, the company said in a statement just before they were sued by the DFEH that the allegations focused on alleged incidents at its Fremont facilities between 2015 and 2019, and that it was now taking a stricter stance against such situations and redoubling measures.

Tesla, as it is known, lost a racism lawsuit filed by a former employee in October 2021 and was forced to pay a total of $137 million in damages.


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