Tesla has recalled all Cybertrucks it has ever sold! Here’s why

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Tesla has recalled all Cybertrucks it has ever sold! Here's why

In November 2023, Tesla began deliveries of its electric pickup truck model Cybertruck. Since then, however, the company has experienced an increase in the number of complaints it has received. Accordingly, the company made an important announcement and announced the recall of all Tesla Cybertruck vehicles sold so far.

Why was Cybertruck recalled?

After receiving hundreds of complaints about the accelerator pedal jamming on Cybertruck models, Tesla recalled all vehicles to fix the problem. In total, 3,878 vehicles are said to be affected. The problem led to a halt in deliveries due to complaints that started a few weeks ago.

Tesla determined that the accelerator pedal jamming problem was caused by a design flaw. Accordingly, the company will replace the pedals of the recalled Cybertrucks. It should be noted that the necessary corrections have also been made on the production side.
Tesla seems to be facing serious problems with the Cybertruck model. Owners are giving negative feedback such as off-road driving problems, less range than expected and signs of rust on the stainless steel body. Such complaints are increasing. It looks like Tesla may have to work overtime.


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