Twitter parted ways with a two-factor authentication provider

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Twitter parted ways with a two-factor authentication provider

Twitter is cutting ties with the two-factor authentication provider. The provider that sells user information has been criticized.

Twitter is ending its business relationship with the company that sends two-factor authentication messages to its users. In a statement to U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, Twitter announced it was giving up working with Mitto AG, a Swiss-based technology company, and backed its decision with some media coverage.

Twitter will not use Mitto AG’s services to provide its users with two-factor authentication codes, according to a briefing from U.S. Senator Ron Wyden. One of the co-founders of Swiss tech firm Mitto allegedly eavesdroped on the phones of people the company sent text messages to.

Twitter parted ways with a two-factor authentication provider

Mitto AG is a built-in provider of automated text messages that some large companies use to send not only 2FA codes, but also sales promotions and appointment reminders. But an allegation of surveillance that came up in December began to undermine Mitto’s partnerships. Twitter was the latest company to announce that it was parting ways with the Swiss company.

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According to media reports, Mitto COO Ilja Görelik allowed surveillance technology firms to access Mitto’s networks and allowed them to monitor people. These surveillance companies have signed contracts with government agencies. Mitto said Gorelik had nothing to do with the surveillance operation, but launched an internal investigation to determine whether his technology and business had been compromised.

In addition to Twitter, Mitto’s customers include Google, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Telegram, TikTok, Tencent and Alibaba. Mitto reportedly told clients that Gorelik was no longer with the company. However, since this alleged surveillance allegation emerged, it has been suggested that many other clients have cut ties with Mitto.


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