Tesla prepares to lay off more than 14,000 people…. Sends letter to employees

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Tesla prepares to lay off more than 14,000 people.... Sends letter to employees

Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is preparing for a major layoff process. The company announced that it will lay off 14 thousand employees and started sending letters to its staff who will be affected in this process. These letters contain information about the compensation payments to be made to the laid-off employees.

Tesla’s layoff decision is evaluated within the framework of the company’s cost-cutting efforts. According to the statements made, the laid-off employees will be paid two months’ salary for the period until June 14. However, the seniority of the employees in the company was not taken into account in determining this period. This means that an employee who started working one day ago will receive the same compensation as an employee who has spent 10 years at the company.

The conditions offered by Tesla to its employees to be laid off have become clear! Stingy Elon Musk!
This approach has caused disappointment, especially among long-term employees. Senior employees were expecting a fairer compensation after many years of service to the company. This may lead to demoralization among employees and some of them may attempt to seek their rights.

With the start of the layoff process, Tesla’s move has had wide repercussions in the automotive industry and the technology world. Analysts are debating whether Tesla’s decision will set an example for other technology and automotive companies. Analysts are also curious about the impact of these layoffs on Tesla’s operational efficiency and long-term strategies.

The payments Tesla will make and the support packages it will offer to the laid-off employees show how much the company values its employees and how it behaves in times of crisis. This process is also a test for Tesla’s internal culture and employee satisfaction.


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