Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps: US will regret if it supports Israel against Iran

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps has warned that any US support or participation in aggression against Iran will result in a "decisive and regretful" response by the Iranian Armed Forces.

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In the second statement issued by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps on the attack on Israel, it was stated that in response to the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Iran launched an attack on military targets in the territories occupied by Israel within the framework of the right of self-defense under Article 51 of the United Nations (UN) Charter.

“In order to secure its rights and punish the aggressor, Iran attacked important military targets of the Zionist terrorist army in the occupied territories, successfully striking and destroying its strategic intelligence capabilities, missiles and drones,” the statement said.

Pointing to the support given to Israel by the US, the statement said, “The terrorist American government has been warned that any support and participation that will harm Iran’s interests will result in a decisive and regretful reaction of the Iranian Armed Forces.”

“The US administration is responsible for Israel’s actions and both Tel Aviv and Washington will have to bear the consequences if Israel is not restrained,” the statement said.

The Revolutionary Guards said that any threat from any country on behalf of the United States or Israel will be responded to at its source and that they will protect Iran’s legitimate interests against any aggressive action and illegal use of force.


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