Iran: Explosion in Isfahan caused by response to a suspicious aerial object

Iranian Army General Commander Abdurrahim Mousavi claimed that the explosion in Isfahan province, which led to allegations of an Israeli attack, was caused by "firing by the air defense system after a suspicious air object was detected".

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According to Iran’s official agency IRNA, Army General Commander Mousavi made a statement regarding the explosion heard in Isfahan province around 4:00 a.m. local time.

Stating that the explosion in Isfahan was caused by “firing by the air defense system upon detection of a suspicious air object” and that the relevant experts are investigating the details of the issue, Mousavi said that the necessary information will be provided about the results of the research.

Israel allegedly attacked Iran and Syria

Iranian state television announced that explosions were heard in the northeast of Isfahan province, home to the Iranian Air Force Base.

Iran’s official news agency IRNA reported that the sound of the explosion also came from the north-west of Tabriz province.

The American media, citing US officials, reported that Israel had launched an attack on Iran.

The Israeli authorities have not yet made a statement regarding the attack.

On the other hand, Syrian news agency SANA, citing a military source, claimed that Israel launched rocket attacks on several points where air defense systems were located on the country’s southern borders.


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