Fact Check: Is Putin Having an Affair or Is It Staged by the British?

The British have Putin under surveillance with Barbie, a graduate of the spy school SOAS!

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The British have Putin under surveillance with Barbie, a graduate of the spy school SOAS!

As the Russophile Movement gathers in Moscow these days, especially in the European media, the LBGT-defying President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin’s affair with a younger woman from the Kremlin bureaucracy is being reported.

The object of this news story, which was staged in the intelligence centers of Ukraine and the United Kingdom, is also very well done. The subject model is Ekaterina Mizulina, 32 years younger than Putin, 39 years old and nicknamed “Barbie”. Sluzhba zovnishn’oyi rozvidky Ukrayiny / SZRU, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, is trying to achieve the success it failed to show on the frontline against the Russian secret services SVR, FSR and GRU with digital material at the desk.

Russian intelligence’s image of a “healthy, strong Putin”!…

Behind this news logic, the message to Russian intelligence is “we are closer to you than your jugular vein, we know and monitor everything”. “Putin’s protective shield is weak”. It also gives the impression that the Russian President is enjoying himself “bang bang bang” while his country is at war and his troops are on the front line.

I think there is no such thing as bad publicity. Perhaps the Russian secret services are announcing to the world that Putin, who is 72 years old, is at the peak of his mental and physical health as well as his sexual health. Fortunately, they do not have idioms and proverbs such as “horny goat” or “after forty, it’s the ragman who gets horny”. This must be a “reverse perception operation”.

Who is this Mizulina Ekaterina Mikhailovna?

He was born on September 1, 1984 in Yaroslavl to Mikhail Mizulin, a doctor of philosophy, and Yelena Borisovna, who strongly opposed the adoption of Russian children by US citizens. From childhood, his passion for foreign languages and art education was recognized.

She speaks English, Chinese, Indonesian, German. In 2010 she graduated from Moscow State University. She started her career as a Chinese interpreter for official Russian delegations. She gained her first experience as an interpreter at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Since 2015 she has been involved in philanthropic and volunteer activities and is responsible for the implementation of a number of charitable projects to help large families and seriously ill children at the largest Russian Orthodox Foundation of St. Basil the Great Russian Orthodox Foundation.

In 2019, she served as a co-author of the textbook “Safe Internet” for children and adolescents of various age groups, on the basis of which the campaign “Safe Internet Month” was organized in 12 regions of Russia in 2019-2020. Children’s ****su, Mizulina was one of the authors of the laws that made it possible to block websites with LBGT content.

He constantly emphasized the need to preserve religious values and the traditional Russian family structure. She worked to save Russian children from ****graphy, violence and bullying. For these efforts, Mizulina was placed on a sanctions list of 27 EU countries for human rights violations and “serious and systematic violations of freedom of expression”. She speaks English, Chinese, Indonesian and German. As she is of Russian origin, Russian is also her mother tongue. It is said that she is not at all happy with the nickname “Barbie”.

The British have Putin under surveillance with Barbie, a graduate of the spy school SOAS!

Russian idealists!…

A Russian businessman and head of the non-governmental and pro-monarchy organization called the Association for the Development of Russian History Education “Double-Headed Eagle”, head of the Tsargrad media group, dedicated to Russian Orthodox Christianity and supportive of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Konstantin Valeryevich Malofeev, co-founder of the international investment fund Marshall Capital Partners, a trustee of the Safe Internet League and chairman of the Saint Basil the Great Charitable Foundation, is the closest and biggest supporter of Putin’s new friend Ekaterina Mikhailovna Mizulina in her work. These are idealistic and dedicated people with their own values and beliefs.

Konstantin Valeryevich Malofeev

Konstantin Valeryevich Malofeev is no ordinary man. He is a businessman accused by the European Union, the United States and Ukraine of trying to destabilize and finance separatism. According to EU Regulation 826/2014 of July 30, 2014, Malofeev was closely linked to Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine and Crimea. He was the former employer of Alexander Borodai, the Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic in previous years.

Is a new patriotic pop culture possible in Russia?…

On 7.2.2024, I was on my way to the historical museum in Ankara Castle, which offers a unique opportunity for those who want to get to know Russian culture closely. I shared with you that a section of the museum was dedicated to Russian Music and that Elana Palazhchenko, a Russian journalist, was in charge of this corner. I mentioned that Elana was a fan of Piknik, a Russian Rock band formed in Leningrad by Sergey Omelnichenko, Evgeny Voloschuk, Alexei Dobychin and Edmund Shklyarskiy, whose line-up has changed many times since 1978.

Ekaterina Mikhailovna Mizulina, the Orthodox daughter of Russian parents, is also trying to keep the traditional Russian culture alive in all spheres for the younger generation. Time will tell whether Ekaterina Mizulina will raise a new patriotic pop culture with the younger generations.

But what is she doing in a British intelligence school?

What about the fact that Ekaterina Mizulina once studied in the UK?

In 2004 he studied at SOAS before graduating from Moscow State University in 2010. This is not a very innocent school. The School of Oriental and African Studies is literally the training base of the British intelligence MI-6. SOAS University of London conducts covert espionage activities under the name of one of the world’s academic centers for Middle Eastern studies.

The university, known as SOAS (formerly the School of Oriental and African Studies), was founded in 1916 to train British security forces serving for MI6 and MI5. The British Ministry of Defense (MOD), Foreign Office and intelligence agencies send their personnel to SOAS for training.

Anti-LBGT but her brother?

Ekaterina Mizulina, known for her anti-Ukrainian stance and attacks on freedom of expression in Russia, was included in the EU sanctions list of 27 countries on 29 January 2024 for human rights violations and “serious and systematic violations of freedom of expression”.

Mizulina advocates censorship of the Russian section of the Internet and imposes sanctions and fines on Russian media. She is “keen to eliminate criticism of President Putin, especially in relation to the war against Ukraine,” The Mirror reports.

Mizulina was also an admirer of Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin, who died in a plane crash under mysterious circumstances last year after an attempted coup against Putin.

I wonder whose Russian intelligence operation is the Barbie Mizulina case?

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