Military chief rabbi who issued fatwa to Israeli soldiers to “rape non-Jewish women” still in office

Rabbi Eyal Karim, who drew reaction with his statements that Israeli soldiers "can rape non-Jewish women in war", has been serving as the Chief Rabbi of the Israeli army with the rank of Brigadier General since 2016.

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Military chief rabbi who issued fatwa to Israeli soldiers to "rape non-Jewish women" still in office

As the Israeli army has continued its bloody attacks on the Gaza Strip since October 7, Karim, who holds a senior position in the army as Chief Rabbi, publicly encouraged war crimes.

Karim’s responsibilities as Chief Rabbi include the religious and spiritual guidance of Israeli soldiers, the identification and burial of dead soldiers in accordance with Judaism.

The military chief rabbi is authorized to issue fatwas on all religious matters related to the activities of the Israeli army and its soldiers.

Known for years for his fanatical Jewish views, Karim is known for his outraged fatwas against women, homosexuals and Palestinians.

In the past, Karim has been in the spotlight for his answers to questions posed to him on the Israeli religious website Kipa, and his fatwas have caused a backlash.

Karim, who opposed this practice in Israel, where military service is compulsory for women, argued that there is no high level of danger in the country that requires women to be conscripted, and therefore military service for women is “forbidden” by religion.

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Karim had also argued that according to Jewish law, female singers should not perform at Israeli military ceremonies.



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