Israel decides to resume education suspended due to Iran threat

The Israeli army announced that schools, which were suspended for two days due to the threat of an Iranian attack, will reopen today and the ban on gatherings has been lifted.

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In a statement made by the Israeli army, it was stated that following the threat assessment, changes were made in security policies as of 00:00 tonight, country time.

In this context, it was emphasized in the statement that the decision was taken to restart educational activities across the country, and it was pointed out that the restriction on citizens gathering together was also lifted.

The Israeli army announced that schools across the country were closed on April 13-14 due to the threat of a possible attack from Iran.

Iran-Israel tensions

Israel launched an airstrike on Iran’s consulate building in Damascus on April 1. The attack killed 7 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, including 2 generals.

Iran announced that the Israeli consulate attack amounted to an attack on its territory and that it would retaliate.

Israel has also vowed to respond to Iranian attacks.

Yesterday, Iran launched an attack on Israel with hundreds of kamikaze drones, ballistic and cruise missiles and announced that some military targets had been hit.

Israel said that most of the attacks were intercepted by air defense systems, but a missile hit a military base in the south.


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