Anonymous hacked the Israeli Army – Stole 250,000 documents

IDF officers described the cyber attack as "psychological warfare"

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Anonymous hacked the Israeli Army - Stole 250,000 documents

The global hacker organization Anonymous claims to have hacked the Israeli Army and stolen more than 250,000 IDF documents relating to its operational activities.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the organization claimed to have gained control of more than 20 gigabytes of data including PDFs, Word files and PowerPoint presentations.

In fact, this is the organization’s second strike in Israel this month, having earlier targeted the Justice Ministry.

IDF officials described the cyber-attack as “psychological warfare” and said no classified or critical documents were leaked.

“If there was a breach, it is unlikely that access was extended directly to IDF computers; instead, the files may have been obtained from civilian computers, possibly in violation of regulations,” Israeli officials said anonymously.


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