Iran declares 2 German diplomats persona non grata

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Iran has declared 2 diplomats at the German Embassy in Tehran persona non grata.

In a written statement, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kenani announced that the German Ambassador to Tehran was summoned to the Foreign Ministry.

Kenani stated that after the Berlin administration’s “interventionist and irresponsible actions towards Iran’s internal affairs”, 2 German diplomats in the country were declared persona non grata and this situation was conveyed to the German Ambassador.

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Stating that Iran’s priority has always been to maintain relations within the framework of mutual respect, Kenani said, “If some parties want to ignore the principles and national sovereignty of our country, it is inevitable to define alternative options.”

Iran sentenced Iranian-German dual citizen Jamshid Sharmehd, who is alleged to be the leader of a US-based anti-regime organisation and accused of “organising terrorist acts” in the country, to death on 21 February.

In reaction to the verdict on 22 February, Germany summoned Iran’s Charge d’Affaires in Berlin to the Foreign Ministry and declared 2 employees of the Iranian Embassy as persona non grata and asked them to leave the country.

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Iran, on the other hand, accused Germany of interfering in the internal affairs of the country.

Iran’s death sentence

The Mizan News Agency, affiliated with the Iranian Judiciary, announced on 21 February that Jamshid Sharmehd, allegedly the leader of the US-based anti-regime group known as “Tonder” and “Assembly of the Kingdom of Iran”, was sentenced to death by the Tehran Revolutionary Court on charges of “creating corruption on earth through planning and directing terrorist acts”.

The organisation in question was accused of organising a terrorist attack that killed 14 people and injured 215 others in the city of Shiraz on 12 April 2008, as well as some armed actions and sabotage across the country.

The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence announced that it captured Sharmehd, a dual Iranian-German citizen and known to have been residing in the United States since 2003, abroad in July 2020 and brought him to the country.

His family announced that Sharmehd was “kidnapped” in the United Arab Emirates and taken to Iran.

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