Google brings Android’s popular feature to iPhone!

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Google introduced the Magic Eraser feature to One subscribers. In this way, iPhone users can also benefit from this feature.

Google has announced that it will offer a very popular feature for photo editing to iPhone users. The company will offer Magic Eraser, which allows users to remove unwanted objects and people from their photos, with a subscription to Google One.

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Google will offer Magic Eraser feature with subscription

Magic Eraser will be available on iPhone via Google Photos. This feature, which allows removing objects from photos with just a few taps, is available for free on Google Pixel phones. However, iPhone users will have access as a Google One subscriber. The monthly cost of this subscription starts at $ 1.99.

It should be reminded that Google One has many useful features. Subscribers can use various security options offered by Google, including the VPN feature. However, the subscription fee may be high for those who only want to use Magic Eraser.

It should be noted that Pixel users can currently access Google One deals for free. If you are a Pixel owner and want to try the feature, you need to install the updated version of the Google Photos app.

In addition to Magic Eraser, Google also announced a new HDR video effect that increases brightness and contrast.

Google’s move to bring Magic Eraser to iPhone users is a smart one. The feature is very popular among Pixel phone owners. Therefore, making it available to a wider audience could also increase the popularity of the Google Photos app. However, the subscription fee may deter iPhone owners.



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