Iran: IAEA officials visit and inspect Tehran

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Iran reported that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) officials have been visiting and inspecting the country since yesterday, following allegations that it has enriched uranium with 84 per cent purity.

According to Iranian state television, the head of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran, Mohammad Islami, answered the questions of journalists after the Council of Ministers meeting held in the capital Tehran.

Pointing out that Iran stopped its obligations in the agreement after the US withdrew from the nuclear deal, Islami said that it was a multilateral agreement, but the US neither fulfilled the obligations of the agreement nor allowed the parties to cooperate.

“We do not accept high-pressure political actions aimed at Iran’s unilateral fulfilment of its obligations under the nuclear deal. We continue to cooperate with the agency within the framework of security inspections.”

Noting that IAEA officials arrived in Tehran yesterday following international media reports that Iran had enriched uranium with 84 per cent purity, Islami said, “Officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency have been in Tehran since yesterday and have been conducting visits and inspections. Thanks to these examinations, the uncertainties created based on the wrong impression of an inspector are being resolved.”

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The IAEA’s report, sent to member states on 1 February, said it had found “an undeclared change in the interconnection between two IR-6 centrifuge arrays that enrich uranium to 60 percent purity at the Fordo nuclear facility”. Iran, on the other hand, announced that an IAEA inspector had provided erroneous information and later admitted his mistake.

Following this, Bloomberg reported on 20 February, citing two unnamed senior diplomats, that international inspectors inspecting Iran’s nuclear facilities detected 84% enriched uranium last week.

In a statement made on the IAEA’s Twitter account, it was stated that the IAEA was aware of the media reports on uranium enrichment levels in Iran and that IAEA President Rafael Mariano Grossi would inform the Board of Governors about the issue.

Behruz Kemalvendi, the spokesperson of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, stated that the news did not reflect the truth and that they have not enriched more than 60 percent so far.

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