Poland signs preliminary design agreement for first nuclear power plant

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A preliminary agreement was signed with the US company Westinghouse for the first nuclear power plant planned to be built in Poland.

The “preliminary design” agreement was signed at the ceremony held with the participation of Polish Energy Minister Anna Moskwa and officials.

Stating that within the scope of the preliminary design agreement, studies will be carried out on the transfer and placement of the technology from the USA to Poland, Moskwa said, “The next agreement will be the most important design agreement and we expect it to be signed this summer.”

Moskwa reported that a preliminary agreement was signed today between the US Westinghouse Electric Company, Westinghouse Electric Poland and the Polish energy company Polskie Elektrownie for the first nuclear power plant planned to be built in Poland.

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Emphasising that the agreement signed today is another important step in the construction of a nuclear power plant in Poland, Moskwa said: “This agreement will give us the drive to develop clean, safe and, above all, our own energy. The construction of a nuclear power plant in Poland is being carried out in co-operation with a stable, experienced partner. This project is part of the strengthening Polish-American cooperation.”

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Moskwa added that the costs for the nuclear power plant will be covered “as much as possible” from the treasury, but there are also efforts for the financial participation of the United States.

In November 2022, the Polish government decided that Westinghouse would provide the technology for the first power plant under the “Nuclear Energy Programme”.

The construction of the first nuclear power plant is planned to start in 2026 and be commissioned in 2033.

As part of the Polish government’s energy strategy, 6 nuclear power units with a total capacity of 6 to 9 gigawatts will be built in the country



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