Using a new Google function, users may access cloud games via Search

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It will rival Google, Apple is developing its own search engine!

To make cloud gaming more convenient, Google is currently working out an awesome new feature. A new widget that enables users to start cloud games right from a Google search has been seen by certain users.

Bryant Chappel, a reporter for cloud gaming, discovered the new function lately and tweeted about it earlier this week. A fast Google search for the game Control is included in the post.

After selecting search, the recognizable summary and rating window on the right side of the Google Search page appears.

But the inclusion of a few “Play” buttons is what’s new. A cloud gaming platform like Google Stadia or Amazon Luna will instantly launch the game for you when you click one of the buttons.

This is a great excellent tool that aids in reducing some of the inconveniences associated with cloud gaming. And that is ultimately the purpose of cloud gaming.

The purpose of cloud gaming is to simplify the entire gaming experience.

Some of today’s large games don’t require lengthy downloads, nor do you need to worry about storage space. To begin playing, just log in and click “play.”

And the procedure is made much simpler with this new integration. If the functionality is ever officially released, all you’ll need to do is perform a Google Search for the game you want to play and then click Play.

Chappel even reaffirmed that the functionality presently functions with Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Even some games on Nvidia GeForce Now are compatible with it.

Of course, a membership to your preferred cloud gaming provider is still required. Additionally, not everyone can access the function because it is still in its early phases.

When looking for games that are supposedly accessible on these services, we tried it out for ourselves and found that none of the play buttons were there.

But if this capability ever becomes available to the broader public, it may be a significant advance for cloud gaming as a whole.


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