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Meta, the owner of Whatsapp, has announced new security measures for the app. According to the new security features, the app will have many new features.

Users will now be able to silently leave group conversations, control who sees their online status and prevent screenshots in “view once” messages.

Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that these features will help keep WhatsApp messaging “as private and secure as a conversation”.

The new features, highlighted by a worldwide campaign, will be rolled out from this month, starting in the UK.


WhatsApp currently alerts all group members when you leave group messaging.

This can sometimes turn into a drama for those who want to leave the group without anyone noticing.

But now it will be possible to leave without notifying other members except the group administrator.

Ami Vora, product manager at WhatsApp, said that this is part of their focus on “building product features that empower people more over the control and privacy of their own messages”, adding

“We believe WhatsApp is the safest place for a private conversation. No other global messaging service provides this level of security for its users’ messages, media, voicemail, video calling and message backup.”

One of the new features is the ability to select the people who will see that you are online on the platform from the “last seen” settings.

Janis Wong, a researcher at the Alan Turing Institute, told the BBC that “users need and want more control”.

However, he says that users need to be made aware of these features in order to get the desired efficiency.

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