Lufthansa increases the number of ghost flights

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Lufthansa increases the number of ghost flights

Lufthansa plans to cancel more flights in order to stabilize flight operations. There will also be an increase in so-called ferry flights without passengers. Connections in the evening are particularly affected.

Lufthansa increases the number of ghost flights

The number of so-called ghost flights at Lufthansa continues to rise. These are empty flights that only carry baggage or crew members, but no passengers.

An internal paper of the airline states that from this Friday until at least next Thursday, new measures should take effect to stabilize the currently chaotic flight schedule. According to the paper, 105 more flights are to be canceled and 364 ghost flights are to be operated from the Frankfurt hub during the period.

This would serve to “stabilize the crews” and improve the baggage situation. This would affect between 57 and 76 daily departures, depending on the day of the week and the traffic situation. A decision on a possible extension of the measure will be made next week.

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Flights in the evening (about 37 percent) and in the afternoon (about 17 percent) would be particularly affected. The ghost flights could take place without cargo and baggage, as well as with empty containers or with cargo only. In addition, there could also be flights that are only loaded with so-called rush baggage – this refers to baggage that could not be loaded in time and has to be sent after the passengers.

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