Lufthansa extends its decision to suspend flights to Tehran until 18 April

German airline Lufthansa announced that it has extended its decision to suspend flights to Tehran, the capital of Iran, on security grounds until 18 April.

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In a written statement made by Lufthansa, it was stated that a careful assessment was made due to the current situation in the Middle East.

Following the evaluation, it was decided to suspend flights to and from Tehran, “The safety of passengers and crew is always the top priority,” the statement said.

The statement emphasised that Lufthansa did not make such a decision based solely on government assessments, but instead assessed the current security situation itself and decided independently.

On 10 April, Lufthansa announced that it suspended its flights to Tehran until 11 April for security reasons.

In the statement made by the Lufthansa press office on 11 April, it was stated that the decision to suspend flights to Tehran on security grounds was extended until 13 April.


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