8 thousand dollars for solving this bug in Chrome!

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8 thousand dollars for solving this bug in Chrome!

The extension bug in Google Chrome has started to annoy users. The developer of the extension will give 8 thousand dollars to those who solve the problem.

8 thousand dollars for solving this bug in Chrome!

A popular extension for Google Chrome has been plagued by a bug that the company has been unable to resolve for a long time. According to a statement made by its developer, two $4,000 reward programs have been launched for the “mysterious” bug. In addition, people who will work on the problem will be paid up to 150 dollars per hour.

Google Chrome extension’s mysterious bug has the company in turmoil

The CrankWheel Screen Sharing extension in the Google Chrome web store, which is preferred by more than 50 thousand users, has been causing a strange error recently. Users running the extension complained that the Chrome application crashed. The developer of CrankWheel then decided to roll up his sleeves.

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8 thousand dollars for solving this bug in Chrome! 1

In the latest blog post shared by Jói Sigurdsson, founder and CEO of CrankWheel Screen Sharing, it was pointed out that a reward program has been launched for developers who can fix the bug in the extension. CEO Sigurdsson, who said that he will distribute a total of 8 thousand dollars in prizes, also stated that he can also hire hourly freelancers.

According to Jói Sigurdsson’s statement, the bug that caused Chrome to crash is related to a process in the toolbar not being triggered when the extension is run. “Event reports should be sent when the user clicks on the browser action icon, but they are not, and Chrome crashes,” he said.

The bug, which is said to affect 5 percent of users, has been going on since April. The company initially disabled CrankWheel and reinstalled it on the web store. Although it seemed to be solved at first, it was stated that the problem still persisted.

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The bug, which may be of interest to those experienced in developing extensions for web browsers, also offers a reward of up to $8,000. The company said it will give 4 thousand dollars to the person who identifies the source of the problem and another 4 thousand dollars to the person who solves the problem.

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