Elon Musk criticized Tesla: Wasting money

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Elon Musk criticized Tesla: Wasting money

Elon Musk complained about Tesla factories wasting money. The two big Gigafactories are wasting billions of dollars.

Elon Musk criticized Tesla: Wasting money

Elon Musk, who is on the agenda with his statements, has now made some criticisms about Tesla factories. According to the Tesla CEO’s statement, many problems started to occur in Gigafactories in the US and Germany.

Elon Musk Billions of dollars ‘burning’ in Tesla factories

Elon Musk, who attended a meeting organized by Tesla owners in Silicon Valley, addressed some of the problems within the company. Musk said that they had difficulty in getting electric car batteries especially from China and complained about the slowdown of the production line.

According to the Tesla CEO, Covid-19 quarantines in China also negatively affect battery imports. In addition, the long-standing shortage of semiconductor chips limits the production capacity of both the Berlin and Austion Gigafactories.

Tesla’s CEO recently hailed the Gigafactory openings, including Berlin, and expressed his satisfaction with the company’s growth. But noting that the factories cannot produce cars, Musk said the two large Gigafactories are “losing money like crazy”.

According to Elon Musk’s statement, global supply chain issues and slow Tesla EV battery production are causing the company to lose billions of dollars. In addition, uncertainty in Tesla factories prevents the company from making long-term investments.

Both the Berlin and Austin factories are now gigantic money furnaces. These Gigafactories are currently losing money like crazy. We need to put a lot more cars into production instead of the much smaller number of cars that are being produced now.

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