New Spyware Found on Google and Apple Systems!

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New Spyware Found on Google and Apple Systems!

Alphabet confirmed that Italian spyware was used to spy on Google and Apple smartphones in Italy and Kazakhstan. The company RCS Lab, based in Milan, acts as a developer of spy tools and has worked with European police departments.

New Spyware Found on Google and Apple Systems!

While the company says that all its products and services comply with European law, RCS Lab reiterates that it does not condone any illegal activity by its customers, Reuters reports. Founded in 1993, the company can process around 10,000 targets a day in Europe alone, capturing data, audio and tracking targets.

But the situation worries Google, which claims that such behavior could help “proliferate dangerous hacking tools and arm governments that would not be able to develop such technology in-house.”

For Bill Marczak, a digital security researcher at Citizen Lab, spyware like Pegasus is not the most powerful known, but it is capable of reading messages and viewing passwords. Bill Leonard, a senior researcher at Google, says it is possible that the targets of the tool have some kind of relationship with the government.

Both Google and Apple have already taken steps to revoke access to these tools on Android and iOS operating systems. Kazakhstan and the Italian government have yet to comment on the incident.


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