Platinum Jubilee excitement in the UK! The celebrations have begun…

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The Platinum Jubilee celebrations, held specifically for the 70th anniversary of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II on the throne, began with a military parade at Buckingham Palace in the capital London.


The 4-day Platinum Jubilee celebrations for the 70th anniversary of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II on the throne began today at Buckingham Palace. The military parade, which consisted of more than one thousand 200 officers, soldiers, hundreds of army musicians and 240 horses, began at 10:00 a.m. local time. The soldiers walked to The Mall, located between Buckingham Palace and Tralfagar Square, to the Mounted Troopers Parade. The soldiers then continued the military ceremony called Trooping the Colour, a 260-year-old tradition. Thousands of Londoners watched the military parade in Tralfagar Square and in the areas around Buckingham Palace. The ceremony was also projected onto a large screen placed at St. James’ Park in London.

Members of the Royal family arrived at Buckingham Palace around 10.30am to attend a ceremony for Queen Elizabeth, the longest-reigning monarch of England. The queen is expected to take to the balcony at Buckingham Palace around 1pm to watch a Royal Air Force (RAF) flight with other royal members, which will include models of World War II aircraft. In addition, more than one thousand 500 lights will be lit across the UK and overseas territories as part of today’s events to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. The tradition of lighting in the United Kingdom, which is held during periods such as anniversaries, weddings and coronations, will continue in the ceremonies here.

On the other hand, for 4 days, various celebrations will be held throughout the country as well as the capital London.

Platinum Jubilee excitement in the UK! The celebrations have begun...


Queen Elizabeth II became the first monarch in the history of the United Kingdom to receive the Platinum Jubilee. In addition to the Platinum Jubilee, which is given to monarchs who have reached their 70th anniversary on the throne in the history of the United Kingdom, the ruler who has completed his 25th year on the throne is also given a Silver Jubilee, a Rugby Jubilee for the 40th year, a Golden Jubilee for the 50th year, a Diamond Jubilee for the 60th year, and a Sapphire Jubilee for the 65th year. Jubilee means “anniversary” and “joy.”

George III, who ruled the monarchy of the United Kingdom between 1760 and 1801, received the Golden Jubilee for his 50th anniversary. Queen Victoria, who was the ruler of the United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901, received the Golden Jubilee for her 50th year and the Diamond Jubilee for her 60th year.
The excitement of the Platinum Jubilee in the UK Celebrations have begun…


On the other hand, several people who were reported to have disrupted the order of the ceremony during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations at Buckingham Palace were detained by the police. Among the protesters was an activist group called Animal Rebellion.


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