Big breakup in Meta: Top executive resigns

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Sheryl Sandberg, chief executive at Meta for 14 years, has announced that she has parted ways with the company.

Big breakup in Meta: Top executive resigns 1

Meta, which dominates social media and metaverse developments, has accelerated things a lot recently. The company’s evolution from Facebook to Meta created a huge workload in the background, and Sheryl Sandberg, one of the top names who shouldered this burden, announced that she was no longer in the company. It seems that this separation will be reflected in Meta’s activities in the near future.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Meta, leaves the company
Sheryl Sandberg, perhaps the most important name in Meta, was the one who put the changes in the company’s vision on her back. Meta, which until recently only held the social media we were used to, started to invest much more boldly. In the position of COO, or Chief Operations Officer, Sandberg was at the top of the company’s operations activities.

Big breakup in Meta: Top executive resigns 2

Speaking about his breakup, Sandberg said, “It’s time to write the next chapter of my life.” Sandberg, who has held the same position at the company for 14 years, was the most authoritative person after Mark Zuckerberg.

The veteran COO was one of the names that the media followed in the bright and dark days of the company. Already in recent years, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, was not having a good day. There have been many scandals, especially when it comes to data privacy, and Sheryl Sandberg has played a big role in overcoming them.

The divisions at Meta have been more glaring for some time. That’s because, as of last year, the company announced it would focus on the metaverse, and these goals were described as ‘outrageous’ by most people. We’ve seen a lot of key names lost since last year, from experienced engineers to executives, but the real question has to be whether a company like Meta can replace them.


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