Statement by Austrian Chancellor Nehammer on Turkey

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Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said they will take relations with Turkey, which is important to them in many ways, to a better level.

Nehammer, who was appointed ÖVP leader and chancellor after former Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) leader Sebastian Kurz left politics in December 2021 due to a corruption investigation, was re-elected as party chairman unanimously at the 40th Extraordinary Congress.

In his speech here, Nehammer referred to the Russian-Ukrainian war, stating that his country is neutral, but they have the right to speak today as in the past in the face of violations of international law and injustices.

Responding to criticism of his visits to Russia and Ukraine last month, Nehammer said that after seeing what happened in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, it was important to do everything possible for a possible ceasefire or peace, and that he took action in the face of this tragedy instead of watching what was happening without doing anything.

Nehammer stated that their efforts for peace continue and that they have held various meetings and said, “We will carry the relations with Turkey to a better level. This is very important for us in many ways.”

Referring to the aid provided to asylum seekers from Ukraine, Nehammer added that their fight against irregular migration will continue as it was before the war.

In the meantime, Sebastian Kurz, who left politics due to the corruption investigation against him, also attended the congress.


Prime Minister Nehammer spoke by phone with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before and after his visit to Moscow last month.

It was announced that Nehammer, who expressed at every opportunity that the meetings between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations held in Istanbul and called the “Istanbul Process” were “the most important chance for peace”, would meet with President Erdoğan within the scope of the NATO Leaders’ Summit to be held in Spain in June.

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