Kremlin: Finland’s entry into NATO a threat to Russia

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Kremlin: Finland's entry into NATO a threat to Russia

Kremlin spokesman Peskov said Finland’s entry into NATO was a threat to Russia. The Russian Foreign Ministry also said military steps would be taken if Finland joined NATO.

Kremlin: Finland's entry into NATO a threat to Russia

Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov told reporters in moscow, the capital, that Finland had decided to apply to join NATO. “Russia’s response to Finland’s NATO entry will depend on the degree to which NATO military infrastructure is advancing at the borders,” Peskov said, arguing that NATO enlargement does not increase security and stability in the region.

“Absolutely,” Peskov told reporters when asked if Finland’s entry into NATO was a threat to Russia.

Peskov added that Russia will analyze the situation and take the necessary measures to ensure its security.

Russian Foreign Ministry: We will take military steps if Finland joins NATO

In a written statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry described Finland’s decision to apply to join NATO as a “radical change” in its foreign policy.

Finland’s decades-old policy of military non-connectivity has served stability in the Northern European region and ensured Finland’s security, the statement said, noting that the role of the military factor to zero is the basis for cooperation and partnership between Russia and Finland.

“Nato’s goal, which strongly convinces the Finnish side that there is no alternative but to join the alliance, is clear: to continue to expand towards Russia’s borders, to create another wing for a military threat to our country,” the statement said, noting that Russia’s assurance that it had no hostile intentions towards Finland convinced Helsinki of the advantages of maintaining a policy of military non-connectivity.

Finland will turn its territory into a conflict zone with Russia, the statement said.

“Helsinki should be aware of the responsibility and consequences of such a move. Finland’s accession to NATO will seriously damage Russia-Finland bilateral relations while maintaining stability and security in the Northern European region. Russia will have to take retaliatory steps, both military-technical and other, to stop the threats to its national security that arise in this context.”

Finland’s accession to NATO would be a direct violation of its international legal obligations, in particular the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty, which obliges parties not to enter alliances or join coalitions against one of them, the statement said.


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