Spain opposes classification of nuclear power and natural gas as ‘green investment’

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Spain opposes classification of nuclear power and natural gas as ‘green investment’

The Spanish government opposed the proposal to classify new nuclear power and natural gas power plants as “green investments”, which was brought up for discussion in the European Union (EU) countries.

In a written statement from the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transformation and Demographic Struggle, it was stated that “nuclear energy and natural gas should not be in the green or sustainable energy class”.

The ministry criticized that “such a classification would not be meaningful and, taken as a whole, would send false signals for the EU’s energy transition”.

While Spain emphasizes that it is a “full advocate” of the EU’s green investment plan, which aims to achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions and climate neutrality by 2050, it still thinks that including nuclear energy and natural gas in this classification would be a “stepping back”.

In the draft text, which was announced on 31 December and opened for discussion in the member states, the EU Commission stated that it sees nuclear and natural gas as tools that will facilitate a renewable-based transformation in energy, and included it within the framework of green investment classification.

In the statement, it was noted that after the completion of the expert consultation process, the EU Commission would send the relevant legislation to the European Council and the European Parliament (EP) for approval in January.


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