Putin addressed NATO: We want to ensure our own security

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Putin addressed NATO: We want to ensure our own security

Holding a year-end press conference, Putin addressed NATO: We want to ensure our own security

Russian leader Putin answered questions at the year-end press conference. Touching on various issues from the coronavirus to the economy, from Ukraine to the US relations, Putin also gave a message to NATO: “Was it we who went to their border? No, it was they who came to our borders. Therefore, it is the West that should guarantee security and it should do so immediately. “

Putin addressed NATO: We want to ensure our own securityAt his annual press conference in the capital Moscow, Putin evaluated the possibility of Russia attacking Ukraine.

“Can you guarantee that you will not attack Ukraine or any other sovereign country, or will this depend on negotiations between Russia and the United States and NATO regarding various security guarantees?” Answering the question, Putin said:

“Our actions will not depend on the course of the negotiations, but on the unconditional assurance of Russia’s security today and throughout history. In this context, we have explained thoroughly that NATO’s eastward advance is unacceptable. What is not clear here? Are we placing missiles close to the US borders? No. The United States has come to our house with its own missiles. These missiles are now on the threshold of our home. Is it an unnecessary demand to ask that attack missiles not be placed near our house? What is unusual here?”

Putin said, “How would the United States react if we had placed our missiles on the border between Canada and the United States, the United States and Mexico? Didn’t there be territorial problems between Mexico and the United States? And who owned California, Texas before? Have you forgotten that?” commented.

Stating that they have not forgotten how Ukraine was created, Putin said, “Vladimir Lenin created Ukraine when he created the Soviet Union.” used the phrase.

Emphasizing that the results of the negotiations between Russia, the USA and NATO are important to them, not the course of departure, Putin said, “NATO promised us that in the 90s it would not move eastward.” said.

Putin concluded his words as follows:

“They brazenly deceived us. Now NATO has expanded 5 times. Now missiles are deployed in Romania and Poland. We do not threaten anyone. Did we go to the borders of the USA or England? They came to us. Now Ukraine is also in NATO. “Then, there will be similar systems in Ukraine, or there will be dual-level bases and attack systems. You want guarantees from us. You have to give us guarantees immediately.”


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