Israel retaliates against Iran. flights suspended in many cities

Explosions heard in Isfahan and flights suspended in many cities

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Photo circulating on social media of the explosion in Iran

Iranian state television reported that “violent explosions” were heard at dawn today (Friday) in the central province of Isfahan, with unknown causes. The Fars news agency reported that 3 explosions were heard near a military base northwest of Isfahan.

Earlier today, explosions were heard near the airport in the city of Isfahan, but the cause was unknown, the semi-official Iranian news agency said. “The cause of these sounds is still unknown and investigations are ongoing to ascertain the exact details of the incident,” the agency reported.

In response, Al-Alam TV quoted a spokesman for the Iranian Space Organization as saying that its air defenses had hit a number of “small objects”.

Iran’s official media reported that flights were suspended in several cities including Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran.

This comes after ABC News reported that an unnamed American official confirmed that Israeli missiles had hit a site in Iran.

The official could not confirm whether sites in Iraq or Syria were also bombed.

Iraq’s Al-Ahed channel reported that an explosion of unknown origin was heard in the al-Imam district of Babil Governorate in the south of the country, but did not provide any details.

Over the weekend, Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel in response to a suspected Israeli attack targeting the Iranian embassy compound in Syria. Most of the drones and missiles were shot down before reaching Israel.


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