Middle East on edge! Israel attacked Iran… All developments after the attack…

After the explosions heard in the Iranian cities of Isfahan and Tabriz, Iranian media reported that the sounds were caused by the activation of the air defense system and the destruction of 3 mini unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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From Drones to "3-Body": Israel's Shifting Strategy Against Iran

The latest situation in the Iran-Israel war: Despite repeated calls, Israel did what was feared in the Middle East and launched an attack against Iran. While explosions were reportedly heard in the Isfahan Airport area of Iran, all flights were suspended after the Israeli attacks. The Iranian press, on the other hand, stated that there was no missile attack against the country, and that the explosions heard in Isfahan were caused by the air defense system responding to a small-scale drone attack.

Another Israeli attack on Syria…

The Syrian Defense Ministry announced that Israel used missiles to target air defense facilities in the south of the country. The Syrian state news agency Sana reported that the attack caused material damage, while the Associated Press pointed out that this area of Syria is just west of the Iranian city of Isfahan, which was targeted by Israel today.

First reactions from around the world

Middle East on edge! Israel attacked Iran... All developments after the attack... 1

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani called for a ‘de-escalation’ after news of the attack on Iran.

Oman, a longtime mediator between Tehran and the West, condemned the “Israeli attack” on Iran after Iranian media reported that explosions were heard near the city of Isfahan.

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said on her social media account, “We are following the situation closely. We will discuss the situation with foreign ministers at the G7 meeting in Italy.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lin Jian also announced that they were closely monitoring the situation and said, “We oppose any action that could further escalate tensions.”

EU chief Ursula von der Leyen urged both sides to ‘refrain from further action’ after the attack in Iran.

Dutch Foreign Minister Hanke Bruins Slot emphasized that the Netherlands is closely monitoring the situation in Iran and said: “Recent developments in the Middle East are worrying. It is important that tensions do not escalate further.”

Iran: No immediate plans for retaliation

“We have no immediate retaliation plans, it is not clear who carried out the attack,” Iran said in its latest statement. The senior Iranian official emphasized in a statement that the foreign source of the incident could not be confirmed.

About an hour earlier, an Iranian analyst told Iranian state television that “the mini drones shot down by air defense systems in Isfahan were flown by infiltrators from inside Iran,” downplaying reports that Israel carried out the attack.

“The US did not authorize this attack

CNN Turk Washington correspondent Yunus Paksoy summarized the statements from the US media after the Iran attack;

-The attack was limited.

-It was carried out with unmanned aerial vehicles.

-Nuclear facilities were not targeted.

-The US was informed during the day.

-US disapproval and disapproval of this attack.

US embassy imposes travel restrictions on employees in Israel

The US embassy in Israel has announced that it is restricting the travel of embassy staff within Israeli territory following Israel’s targeting of Iranian territory. The announcement states that staff and their families “until further notice.” Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Be’er Sheva.

Isfahan nuclear facility completely safe

The semi-official Tasnim news agency, close to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, published a video titled “The nuclear site in Isfahan is completely safe.” The video shows a man checking his watch near the Isfahan Nuclear Technology Center.

The camera then shows several soldiers standing around what looks like an air defense battery. According to the World Nuclear Association, the Isfahan Nuclear Technology Center has a uranium conversion plant that produces uranium hexafluoride.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed that there was no damage to Iran’s nuclear facilities.

New statement from Iran: No damage occurred

Iranian state media quoted an army general as saying that no damage was reported in Isfahan. “The strong sound heard in Isfahan was caused by the air defense firing at suspicious objects. No damage was caused,” the general said.

Siyaveş Mihendust, one of the commanders of the Iranian army, said, “The sound of the explosion that occurred at night was the result of the air defense system in Isfahan firing at an unidentified suspicious object. This attack did not cause any damage. There is no problem in our nuclear facilities.”

First images from the attack

While the first images came from Isfahan, the Iranian press stated that there was no missile attack on the country, and that the explosions heard in Isfahan were caused by the air defense system responding to a small-scale drone attack.

US confirms Israeli attack

US officials have confirmed that Israel has launched a military operation against Iran, but did not disclose details. “We did not authorize this intervention,” CNN quoted an official as saying. The US statement said Israel informed the Biden administration of the attack on Iran earlier in the day.

According to CNN, Israel has assured its US counterparts that Iran’s nuclear facilities will not be targeted. Two US officials also confirmed to the American CBS News channel that an Israeli strike had hit Iran.

Iran: Air defense systems activated

Iranian state media announced that the nuclear facilities in Isfahan are completely safe and that air defense systems have been activated.

Iranian state television IRIB reported that the press office of the Supreme National Security Council “denied foreign media reports of an emergency meeting of the council.”

Israel retaliates against Iran

The tensions between the two countries after Israel’s attack on the Iranian Embassy in Damascus have been widely reverberated in the world public opinion with Iran’s retaliation with drones and rockets.

Following this attack, security sources announced that Israel launched an attack on Iran this morning.

It was reported that explosions were heard in and around the airport in the city of Isfahan, home to Iran’s Air Force. It was also stated that Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq were also under attack.


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