Limited responsible war from Iran to Israel!

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Limited responsible war from Iran to Israel!

You may wonder why I chose such a title? Technically, the term ‘Limited responsible’ is mostly used for companies and cooperatives. A “limited liability company” is a type of company in which the shareholders can only lose the capital they have contributed and are not liable for losses beyond that. If such a company cannot meet its debts, it cannot ask its shareholders for more than the capital they have contributed. In other words, it is a balance to the end.

Perhaps some Turkish Shiite friends who consider Iranian Ayatollahs as taqlid majlis and Iran’s religious leader Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei as the imam may be offended or even angry, but unfortunately, the so-called war between Iran and Israel is like the legal status of limited and responsible companies. The reason I am writing all this is that our close neighbor Iran launched an airstrike last night against the Zionist regime of Israel, which it has declared its eternal and eternal enemy.

Don’t worry! There will be no bloodshed. Jerusalem or Tel Aviv will not be wiped off the map. Just for good measure, missiles with reduced lethal powder will fly through the air, some from Syria, some from Lebanon, like firecrackers. A few of them will be shot down in places whose coordinates have been given to Iran by the Israeli army, and which have been cleared of Israeli citizens, civilian or military.

Israel’s carte blanche to Iran: “Lick me, swallow me, shoot me!”

Do not think that I am writing such things because I am an incorrigible enemy of Iran. It’s just like Ziya Pasha said: “One’s actions speak louder than one’s words”

Ever since Israel bombed the Syrian embassy and killed senior members of the Iranian military earlier this month, the Iranian regime has been saying it would retaliate. But it never seemed to take any action. Iranian officials, however, have been issuing statements that have been nothing short of brazen.

Indeed, Israeli diplomatic sources have revealed that Tel Aviv has sent a message to Tehran that it is ready to welcome a limited retaliatory strike in line with the growing threats between the two sides following the killing of military leaders in a bomb attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.

The sources pointed to a dialogue of de-escalation between the two sides behind the scenes, with messages confirming the reluctance to go directly to the point of war. Similar to the formula Washington found to prevent the Gaza war from spilling over into Lebanon, Tehran and Tel Aviv have found a formula of understanding that sets a ceiling they will not exceed.

And Iran attacked!…

What had been expected for days happened last night, Friday into Saturday. More than 50 missiles were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel. Explosions were also reportedly heard in southern Lebanon. Israel’s air defense systems intercepted the rockets fired from Lebanon. There were no casualties in Israel after the attack.

When Qassem Soleimani was killed, he had falsely bombed US bases in Iraq!

Probably three months ago, in a column titled “Iran’s bombing of Erbil!”, I commented on this issue, and some of my Iranian friends, some of them Shiites, criticized it. For them, Iran is a faultless country. Maybe because theirs is a platonic love far from realpolitik.

As for what I wrote; “Iranians, like every Middle Eastern country, love tent theater. They love to stage a new play every day. Taqiyya is the sauce and dressing for this. The scandal that took place between Tehran and Washington during the Iran-Iraq war, popularly known as “Irangate”, is still fresh in the memory.”

But there was a reason for all these lines.

Empty bombs dropped in memory of Qasem Soleimani!

Limited responsible war from Iran to Israel! 1

In his election speech in Texas on November 2, 2023, former US President Donald Trump announced that during his presidency he had allied with Iran on the issue of Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force, who was killed in a US airstrike in 2020.

Claiming that Iranian officials contacted him after the US assassination of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander Qassem Soleimani in January 2020, Trump claimed that Tehran gave him advance notice of an attack on a US base.

Trump said, “They called us and said, ‘Listen, we have no choice. We have to hit you because we have self-respect’. I understood that. We had hit them and they had to do something,” he said, noting that Iranian officials had assured him that the American base would not be hit in the missile attack, and that of the 18 missiles launched from Iran, 5 of them exploded in the air and the others fell around the base, and that normally these missiles are very precise and accurate weapons.

The Middle East cannot afford a large-scale war. The war in Gaza has already jeopardized the exploitation of US and Israeli oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean. Other countries in the region – Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, even London’s Jordan and even Turkey – do not want a big war. All empty noise, fire for show

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