Israeli Prime Minister Prepares for Possible Iranian Attack Amid Rising Tensions

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Israeli Prime Minister Prepares for Possible Iranian Attack Amid Rising Tensions

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly holding meetings with top officials to prepare for a potential attack by Iran, as tensions rise following an airstrike that killed senior Iranian commanders.

The possibility of retaliation from Tehran has prompted several countries to caution against travel to both Israel and Iran. US officials have expressed concerns to media outlets about the imminent threat of a significant attack on Israel by Iran.

Netanyahu is expected to convene with his war cabinet, including Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and opposition leader Benny Gantz. Sources suggest Iran may deploy over 100 drones, dozens of cruise missiles, and potentially ballistic missiles in an attack on military targets in Israel, posing a challenge to Israel’s defense systems.

Despite the looming threat, there remains a possibility that Iran may choose to refrain from immediate action. The mounting tensions have prompted countries like the US, UK, India, and Australia to issue travel advisories.

The recent escalation follows a missile strike on an Iranian consulate building in Damascus, which resulted in the deaths of senior Iranian military figures. While Israel has not officially claimed responsibility for the attack, it is widely believed to have been carried out by Israel.

The current conflict stems from Hamas’ attacks on Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip, leading to casualties and hostage situations. The situation has further escalated with exchanges of fire across Israel’s northern border with Hezbollah and attacks on Israeli territory by Iran-backed groups in Iraq and Yemen.

Additionally, Yemen’s Houthi movement has targeted shipping in the Red Sea, prompting military responses from the US and UK against the group.

sorce: Summarized from a BBC report


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