US Senate rejects bill to “block F-16 sales to Turkey”

A bill introduced by US Senator Rand Paul to block the sale of F-16s to Turkey was rejected in a vote in the Senate General Assembly

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The vote on the acceptance or rejection of the bill submitted by Senator Paul of the US state of Kentucky on February 5 was held in the Senate General Assembly.

The bill to block the sale of F-16s to Turkey was rejected with 79 “no” votes against 13 “yes” votes.

Thus, Paul’s solo initiative to block the US sale of F-16s to Turkey was rejected in the Senate by a large margin.

F-16 sale to Turkey

On January 26, the US State Department formally notified Congress of the sale of 40 F-16 fighter jets to Turkey and the modernization of existing F-16s.

During the 15-day review and objection process that began after the official notification sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Congress, only the objection submitted by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to the Senate was brought to the agenda, and the bill in question was referred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where no action was taken on the bill within the 15-day period.

The US administration had recently sent letters of acceptance and offer to Ankara regarding the sale of F-16s to Turkey.


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