Erdogan’s statement on Iran-Israel tensions

"Israel is saying different things, Iran is saying different things. There is no explanation that is not incomprehensible."

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Erdogan's statement on Iran-Israel tensions

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan answered the questions of press members after Friday prayers.

Responding to a question about his visit to Iraq, Erdogan said, “Our visit to Iraq was a postponed visit. We will hopefully realize our visit to Iraq. It is a one-day visit. First Baghdad. After our meetings with the president and prime minister in Baghdad, we will visit Erbil. There we will discuss the problems in Northern Iraq and the problems with the central government. We will discuss Iraq-Turkey relations under the umbrella of generalization.”

“We will discuss how we can move Germany-Turkey relations forward”

Speaking about the visit of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Turkey, Erdoğan said, “We will have the opportunity to discuss relations between Germany and Turkey. We will discuss many military, political and economic issues. We will discuss how we can carry the relations between Germany and Turkey further.”

Israel-Iran conflict

Responding to a question about Israel’s alleged attack on Iran, Erdoğan said:

Israel says different things, Iran says different things, and so on. There is no explanation that is not preposterous. You cannot say that Iran’s statements are correct, you cannot say that Israel’s statements are correct. There are also statements made by the US. Much more importantly, we see that the US has sided with Israel in the UNSC in recent statements. While everyone is siding with Palestine, the US is siding with Israel and showing its stance.


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