Putin to the West: We have the weapons to hit targets on your territory

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned of a possible nuclear war, saying, "If they intervene in Russia, their fate will be more tragic than in the past. They (Westerners) need to understand that we have weapons with which we can hit targets on their territory."

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Putin made statements on the developments in his country and the world in his address to the Federal Assembly, which lasted 2 hours and 6 minutes in the capital Moscow.

Noting that the US has made statements about its interest in negotiations with Russia on strategic security, Putin said, “This is demagoguery before the US presidential election. They (Americans) want to show their citizens and others that they still rule the world.”

Stating that the US administration is taking hostile actions against his country, Putin said, “They (the Americans) want to seriously consult on issues related to strategic stability, and yet, as they say, they are trying to inflict strategic defeat on Russia. This is an example of hypocrisy.”

Putin said, “Our position is clear. If you want to discuss security and stability issues that are important for the entire planet, it must be done in a comprehensive manner, including all aspects that affect Russia’s security and touch our national interests.”

“The US and its allies have broken the security system in Europe”

Putin said that the United States and its allies are disrupting the security system in Europe, pointing out that this poses a risk for everyone.

Arguing that the West is provoking war in Ukraine, the Middle East and other parts of the world, Putin said that statements that his country would attack Europe were “nonsense”.

Pointing out that statements were made in the West about the possibility of sending NATO troops to Ukraine, Putin used the following expressions:

“If they intervene in Russia, their fate will be more tragic than in the past. They (Westerners) need to understand that we have the weapons to hit targets on their territory. Our country is fully prepared to use strategic nuclear weapons. A new attempt to intervene in Russia threatens a large-scale conflict with the use of nuclear weapons.”

Asserting that the world order cannot exist without Russia, Putin emphasized that they will not allow anyone to interfere in the internal affairs of his country.

“Allegations that Russia will place nuclear weapons in space are unfounded”

Regarding the allegations that Russia will place nuclear weapons in space, Putin said, “These are unfounded and an attempt to draw us into negotiations on conditions favorable only to the interests of the United States.”

Vladimir Putin said that the United States has blocked the draft Treaty on the Non-Positioning of Weapons in Space proposed by Russia for 15 years.

Pointing out that NATO has taken a step towards expanding eastward with Sweden and Finland, Putin emphasized that the Russian army should be strengthened in the west.

“Work on weapon systems continues”

Stating that the goals set by his country in the field of defense have been fulfilled, Putin noted that the hypersonic “Kinjal” and “Tsirkon” missile systems were used in the war in Ukraine.

Explaining that the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile has recently entered the inventory of the Russian army, Putin said that they will soon demonstrate its operation in the areas where it is deployed.

Putin said that work on other weapon systems is also ongoing.

Economic development of BRICS

Explaining that it is necessary to work on the creation of a new security model in Eurasia, Putin said, “We are ready to have a comprehensive conversation about this with all interested countries and associations.”

“We are trying to unite the efforts of the global majority to overcome global challenges, including rapid transformations in the world economy, trade, finance and technology markets at a time when past monopolies are collapsing,” Putin said, arguing that a stable world order cannot be achieved without Russia.

Pointing out that BRICS countries will account for 37 percent of the global economy in 2028, Putin said, “The share of G7 countries will decline to 28 percent. Considering that the situation was much different 10-15 years ago, these figures are quite impressive.”

Putin said this would happen “no matter what happens in Ukraine”.

Explaining that they are constantly working to improve the conditions of families with children in Russia, Putin underlined that a new national project called “Family” will be implemented in his country.

The problem of poverty and possible new taxes on the rich

Noting that poverty remains an important problem, Putin emphasized that 9 percent of Russia’s population is affected by poverty, which should be reduced to 7 percent by 2030.

Pointing out that the Russian economy grew more than the world economy last year, Putin said, “Today, Russia is the largest economy in Europe and the fifth largest economy in the world in terms of purchasing power parity.”

Putin explained that the Russian financial system needs to be updated and said, “I propose to think about approaches to modernize our financial system so that the tax burden is distributed more fairly to those with high personal and corporate income. It is necessary to reduce the tax burden on families, to encourage businesses that invest in development, infrastructure and the implementation of social projects.”

Regarding the ships used by Russia in maritime trade, Putin said, “We are planning to significantly update our commercial fleet. Tankers, gas carriers, container ships. This will allow Russian businesses to trade effectively in the conditions of changing logistics and fundamental changes in the global economy.”


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