US Stock Market Finishes Mixed After Nvidia’s Record-Breaking Day

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US Stock Market Finishes Mixed After Nvidia's Record-Breaking Day

New York, NY (February 24, 2024): The three major US stock indexes closed Friday with mixed results, despite a record-breaking day for chipmaker Nvidia.

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average: Up 0.2% at 39,131 points, a new all-time high.
  • S&P 500: Up 0.04% at 5,088 points, also a new record.
  • Nasdaq Composite: Down 0.3% at 15,996 points.

Nvidia’s Rollercoaster Ride:

  • The market initially rallied on Nvidia’s strong earnings report, pushing its stock price up and briefly propelling its market value to a historic $2 trillion, the first chipmaker to achieve this feat.
  • However, the euphoria faded as the day progressed, and Nvidia’s shares closed in negative territory.

Investor Focus Shifts:

  • With Nvidia’s impact subsiding, investors turned their attention to the possibility of future interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve, although the timing remains unclear.
  • Other notable companies saw significant gains:
    • Block (fintech): Up 16% following an optimistic earnings forecast.
    • Carvana (used car seller): Up 30% after reporting its first annual profit.

Analyst’s Take:

  • Kathleen Brooks, research director at XTB, expressed concern about the reliance on a single stock and the potential bubble surrounding AI-related companies, questioning the long-term sustainability of such trends.

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Following Thursday’s record-breaking close, Wall Street opened Friday on a positive note, continuing to ride the wave of optimism sparked by Nvidia’s impressive earnings report.

  • The Dow Jones climbed 120 points to near 39,200, while the S&P 500 gained 20 points to reach 5,100.
  • The Nasdaq Composite defied pre-market predictions, surging 75 points past 16,100.

Nvidia continued its remarkable run, defying expectations by opening 4% higher. This upward trend puts it on track to become the first chipmaker to surpass the coveted $2 trillion valuation mark.

Global Ripple Effect:

The impact of Nvidia’s performance went beyond Wall Street. In the UK, Polar Capital Technology Trust soared to a new all-time high, while other investment trusts with significant holdings in Nvidia, like Scottish Mortgage and Manchester & London, also witnessed substantial gains on Thursday.

Combined, these developments showcase the widespread influence of Nvidia’s success and its potential to continue shaping global markets.

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