Former US President Trump Opposes Aid to Ukraine: Russia is a “War Machine”

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Former US President Trump Opposes Aid to Ukraine: Russia is a "War Machine"

Former US President Donald Trump spoke out against sending billions of dollars in additional aid to Ukraine during a town hall meeting hosted by Laura Ingraham on Fox News on Tuesday. Describing Russia as a “war machine” that has defeated powerful invaders in the past, Trump argued that Moscow’s military power in Ukraine should not be underestimated.

Trump criticized the Biden administration’s rationale for aid to Ukraine, countering the argument that “Ukraine will surely lose the war without this money, which will empower Vladimir Putin and endanger our allies.”

Trump reiterated that the fighting would not have started if he were in the White House and that he could end it within 24 hours if voters sent him back to the Oval Office. Trump also argued that European Union countries, where the stakes in the conflict are higher than in the US, should pay more to support Kiev.

Trump said, “They need to start paying. There is an ocean between us. They don’t have that ocean. Do you know why they didn’t pay? Because nobody asked them to.”

Trump said, “I feel bad… Remember this: You are really facing a war machine in Russia. This is what they do. They beat Hitler, they beat Napoleon,” he added.

Republican opposition in the US House of Representatives to further aid to Ukraine is an obstacle to the more than $60 billion appropriation for Kiev that the Senate approved this month.

The Biden administration argues that by continuing the flow of arms to Ukraine, it can avoid a direct confrontation with Russia in the future. According to this argument, Moscow would attack the NATO member after defeating Kiev, forcing Washington to send its troops to the rescue.

The Russian leadership rejects such intentions and sees the Ukrainian conflict as a conflict triggered by NATO expansion.

In a recent interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian troops could be sent to a NATO member state like Poland only if it is attacked first by the US-led military bloc.

“You don’t need to be an analyst to understand that involvement in a global war is contrary to common sense. A global war will bring all of humanity to the brink of extinction.”


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