The legend of Satoshi Nakamoto is coming to light!

Satoshi Nakamoto... The name of the person or group who is the creator of Bitcoin, which is worth a total of 830 billion dollars today... While the world has been debating who he is for years; Australian businessman Craig Wright came out as "Mine". Many people said, "It's fake." The trial began yesterday. If Wright proves his claim, Nakamoto will be unmasked for 17 years

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The year was 2008, the month was October… The world first became aware of Bitcoin through an article on The person or group who wrote the article introduced themselves as “Satoshi Nakamoto”… In that article, Satoshi Nakamoto wrote that he had been developing Bitcoin since 2007…

Bitcoin is the first decentralized currency that uses digital coins created or “mined” using complex calculations performed by computers… As Bitcoin quickly gained worldwide attention, the legend of Satoshi Nakamoto grew and grew… The belief that Nakamoto, who was last heard from in 2010, was a person, not a group, has strengthened over the years.

First, many computer engineers living in Japan were named. Then Japanese technologists working in Silicon Valley in the US were targeted. However, all of them denied that they were the founders of Bitcoin, which today has a total value of $830 billion. Many of them even filed lawsuits against those who made the allegations, saying, “My life is ruined.” The reason? It is very simple.

Because Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to hold 1 million Bitcoins and is sitting on a fortune of about 46 billion dollars. A masked bust was prepared for Satoshi Nakamoto, and those who are rich from Bitcoin started to pose in masks like him. As curiosity grew, Craig Wright, a 54-year-old Australian businessman living in London, the capital of England, came forward in 2016 and said, “It’s me.” He also presented early variations of the Bitcoin software he claimed to have as evidence.

In 2021, the criminal complaint filed against Wright by the group called Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) turned into a lawsuit 3 years later… Here is the first hearing of that case that will illuminate the Satoshi Nakamoto legend started yesterday in London. The case is expected to be concluded in 1 month. Claiming that Wright is not “the one”, COPA believes that the Australian businessman poses a threat to Bitcoin investors with his claims.

If Wright, who is backed by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, proves his claim, he will not only end a legend, but will also enter the “richest lists” of Bloomberg or Forbes from the top ranks due to the addition of his Bitcoin assets.

17 years of mystery

2007: Nakamoto worked on the first version of the software and all communication to and from him was conducted via email.

2008: The mystery man first introduced the concept of cryptocurrency and the blockchain verification system to the world in an article.

2010: His relationship with Bitcoin ended and his last correspondence was that he was “moving on to other things”. And since then a number of many characters have claimed or been accused of being Nakamoto himself.

2014: Newsweek claimed that Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, a Los Angeles-based computer engineer, was “Satoshi Nakamoto”. The engineer denied this.

2016: Australian computer scientist and businessman Craig Wright claimed that he was Satoshi Nakamoto, contrary to all other alleged names. Wright told the BBC, The Economist and GQ that he had provided technical “proof”. This consisted of a demonstration of the verification process used in the first Bitcoin transaction. Wright later appeared in the Netflix documentary Banking on Bitcoin, and in his latest filmed interview, he once again claimed to be Nakamoto.

2024: Wright is fighting legally to “prove” that he is the founder of Bitco[1]. And whether he is or not will finally be decided in the trial that began this week.

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