US Officials Provide Updates on Turkey’s Potential Return to F-35 Program

"Turkey's F-35 comeback hangs in the balance as US officials stress ongoing negotiations and address concerns over the S-400 missile defense system."

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Fighter jet duel between the US and China... China will dethrone the F-35!

White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator Kirby addressed a query regarding Turkey’s potential reentry into the F-35 program during the daily press briefing. When questioned about the possibility of Turkey’s return after the sale of F-16s, Kirby conveyed that there are no current changes or developments on this matter.

Kirby emphasized ongoing discussions, stating, “Our negotiations on this issue are ongoing. If Turkey can address our concerns related to this matter, the possibility of its reinstatement in the F-35 program remains open.”

While in Turkey, US Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland expressed optimism about Turkey’s potential reintegration into the F-35 program. She indicated that the resolution of concerns surrounding Turkey’s acquisition of the S-400 missile defense system from Russia would pave the way for Turkey’s welcomed return to the F-35 initiative.


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