US State Department: We will actively pursue an independent Palestinian state

In the wake of the Gaza conflict, the US State Department announced that it will actively pursue the creation of an independent Palestinian state with security guarantees for Israel.

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US State Department: We will actively pursue an independent Palestinian state

In his daily press briefing, US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller discussed the latest developments in Gaza and the US policy on Palestine.

Miller gave a comprehensive response to allegations that the US administration is preparing to recognize an independent Palestinian state in the wake of the conflict in Gaza.

Recalling that the US has had a policy of recognizing an independent Palestinian state for many years, Miller said that the Biden administration is pursuing the same policy, but they need to make sure that the current situation in the region and Israel’s security are ensured.

Miller said that they are currently working more actively on options and planning for recognizing a Palestinian state, but would not discuss specific plans within the Ministry.

“We will pursue the creation of an independent Palestinian state (following the fighting in Gaza) with security guarantees for Israel because we believe it is the best path to security and peace for Israel, Palestine and the region,” the US spokesperson said.

In response to a question about whether recognizing Palestine would mean “support for terrorists,” Miller said, “It is completely wrong and absurd to see all Palestinians as terrorists.”

Spokesperson Miller added that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken may travel to the region again in the near future and will hold talks with all parties for a lasting peace.

“Blinken weighs policy options for an independent Palestine”

On the other hand, Blinken reportedly instructed to explore policy options for the recognition of Palestine as a state by the Washington administration and internationally.

Speaking to the US news website “Axios”, two US officials familiar with the matter said that Blinken had asked ministry officials to review options for recognizing a Palestinian state after Israel ends its attacks on Gaza.

Unnamed officials told Axios that “a demilitarized Palestinian state” was among the options Blinken wanted examined.

One US official said Blinken’s detailed study of a demilitarized Palestinian state was intended to explore options on how to implement a two-state solution in a way that would ensure Israel’s security.

The official underlined that the White House is aware of the study on exploring policy options for recognizing a Palestinian state and that the State Department will present a wide range of options on the issue.

It was stated that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was working on a draft multi-stage and long-term plan for the future of the Gaza Strip, which has been under attack and blockade for nearly 4 months, and shared this draft with the United States.


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