Russia: The US must account for its crimes against many countries and peoples

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Mariya Zakharova stated that the US has committed "horrible crimes" against many countries and peoples and said, "Washington must be held accountable for its crimes."

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Zaharova made statements on current issues during her weekly press conference in the capital Moscow.

Answering the AA correspondent’s question about the killing of American soldiers on the Jordan-Syria border, Zaharova pointed out that US President Joe Biden made a statement that they would respond to this attack and used the following statements:

“In my opinion, Biden did not finish his sentence. Washington must answer to the people for its crimes. For some reason, Biden does not answer to the law for his horrible criminal illegal acts against many countries and peoples. It is time for Washington to answer for its crimes. They only know how to respond with force. And this only escalates the situation instead of resolving it.”

“We will respond sternly to Japan’s hostile action”

Reminding that Russia had decided to refuse peace negotiations with Japan on the Kuril Islands dispute on the grounds that Russia had decided to impose sanctions against it, Zaharova stated that Japan had displayed an “unfriendly” approach towards Russia.

“Russia will continue to respond in the harshest way to any hostile actions of the Japanese leadership,” Zaharova said.

Noting that Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger have decided to leave the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Zaharova said that they are following the situation and hope that the emerging problems will be resolved through dialogue based on equality and mutual respect.


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