Suspicious deaths and accidents on the axis of Azerbaijan!

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Everyone knows that Turkey and Azerbaijan are committed to the concept of one nation and two states. Turkey’s support for Azerbaijan’s liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh from Armenian occupation is well known to the public. The rapprochement between Ankara and Baku, with bilateral cultural, political, commercial and military agreements, is the kind of rapprochement that would make envious people jealous. The friendship between the Erdogan and Aliyev families is almost finger pointing.

In 2022, Binali Yıldırım almost died in Azerbaijan!…

Suspicious deaths and accidents on the axis of Azerbaijan! 1

If you remember, Binali Yıldırım, the son of Topal Dursun, a driver from Erzincan, a loyal companion of Erdoğan, the last prime minister and former president of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, chairman of the Council of Elders of the Organization of Turkic States, almost died in a traffic accident while accompanying President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s programs in Azerbaijan.

Suspicious deaths and accidents on the axis of Azerbaijan! 2

There was even talk of an “accident like an assassination”.

Suspicious deaths and accidents on the axis of Azerbaijan! 3

AK Party Deputy Chairman Binali Yıldırım, while being discharged from the hospital where he was being treated, expressed his health condition with the following words; “As a result of the accident, a cut on my head requiring surgical intervention was operated 2 times. In addition, the collarbone was separated from the faith board. This was also corrected with an operation. I have 2 rib fractures.”

Let’s just say that the honorable man’s time has not expired, he has his charity.

Suspicious deaths and accidents on the axis of Azerbaijan! 4

It had been suggested that Binali Yıldırım’s fatal traffic accident might be linked to the fact that after April 2022, Azerbaijan’s state oil and gas company SOCAR will use the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline for the transportation of the oil it produces, instead of Russia’s Baku-Novorossiisk pipeline. On social media, it was claimed that the tanker fleet owned by the Yıldırım family had undertaken the transportation business.

Earlier, in August 2020, an “attempted coup” was uncovered in Azerbaijan, and it was announced that the aim of the coup was to overthrow Mikhriban Aliyev, wife of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and 1st Vice President elected by referendum.

Thus, Azerbaijan’s natural gas and oil revenue sources would be shared with Russian oligarchs. The Turkish State Organization did not let this attempt pass.

For this reason, it was brought to the agenda that behind whatever was intended to be done against Binali Yıldırım in Azerbaijan, the oligarchs linked to the so-called Russian deep state, whose bonuses from Azerbaijan’s energy resources were decreasing, were behind it.

Since then, nothing has been written or drawn about the traffic accident. It has been covered up.

The death of Mehmet Mutlu, the son of Erdoğan’s uncle, from a heart attack

What could the death of Mehmet Mutlu, the son of Ali Mutlu, President Erdoğan’s uncle in 2019, at the age of 64 due to a heart attack in Istanbul on September 22, 2023, have to do with Azerbaijan?

Suspicious deaths and accidents on the axis of Azerbaijan! 5

Mehmet Mutlu was making some contacts in Azerbaijan with the knowledge of the Erdoğan family.

In order to keep his contacts with Azerbaijan out of the public eye, he was given the presidency of the Turkish Federation of Children’s Games in Üsküdar, Istanbul.

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Mehmet Mutlu was also running the “Gift Caravan” project in Azerbaijan to give gifts to the children of soldiers who were martyred in the conflicts in the Karabakh region.

A year before his death, he attended the opening ceremony of a children’s park built by the Federation of Children’s Games and Sports Clubs (ÇOSKF) in Gazakh, Azerbaijan.

He even made statements from time to time that the unity of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev was an example for other Turkic Republics.

Cousin Mehmet Mutlu was given ‘VIP’ treatment in the public sector because he was a relative of Erdoğan. Some ministries even signed a protocol with the Federation of Children’s Games and Sports Clubs (ÇOSKF) and made joint projects.

It is currently unknown to the public with what authority Mehmet Mutlu discussed which issues with which officials in Azerbaijan. Heart attacks run in his family. His father Ali Mutlu also died of a heart attack. Still, one wonders, “what if”?

Ganire Pashayeva’s death

On September 24, 2023, six days after Mehmet Mutlu’s natural death from a heart attack, Pashayeva, who was well known and loved in Turkey, fell into a coma as a result of exposure to drugs. She was taken to the Central Clinical Hospital in Baku.

According to official statements, Ganire Pashayeva has been diagnosed with hypotonic condition of unknown cause. Some doctors said that it was difficult for them to understand the relevance of the diagnosis of hypotonic condition, which refers to a low muscle tone that provides resistance to muscle tension or stretching, to Ganire Pashayeva’s health condition.

Suspicious deaths and accidents on the axis of Azerbaijan! 6

Although all necessary measures were taken by the medical staff of the Central Clinical Hospital and medical specialists from Turkey due to Pashayeva’s critical health condition, she died 4 days later in the hospital where she was being treated on September 28, 2023 at the age of 48.

Relatives stated that Ganire had unintentionally gained excessive weight before her death, that she had undergone a stomach reduction surgery to get rid of her excess weight, that she had been suffering from ailments for a year, that her blood pressure suddenly dropped to 4 around 3 a.m. at her home before her death, and that she was then hospitalized.

The indicators during the examination were: arterial pressure 50/0 mm. c.sut., pulse 1 minute 47 beats, SPO2 (saturation) 82 percent. Indicators after the first interventions, arterial pressure was 110/60 mm. c.sut., pulse 68 beats per minute, SPO2 (saturation) 97 percent.

Independent physicians who evaluated these symptoms according to the medical literature stated that it could have been a case of fainting, poisoning, diarrhea, death due to hysteria.

There is also a highly probable medical intervention that boggles the mind. Ganire Pashayeva is having two operations at the same time. They are shrinking her stomach and removing part of it.

On the other hand, a Gastro Internal Medicine specialist performs the Gastric Pypass operation at the same time with the stomach reduction operation without having a risk calculation.

It connects the canal under the stomach directly to the large intestine. The small intestine is bypassed. This poses a risk. The contraction triggers a cramp, a heart attack and he dies.

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Who poisoned him? Why was she poisoned?

Who could have meant Ganire Pashayeva, who worked day and night for the ideal of the unity of Turks not only between Ankara and Baku, but also in the whole Turkic world, who, so to speak, turned pain into honey?

Ganire Pashayeva, the daughter of Alasgar/Ali Asker, has worked for the Azerbaijani state for as long as she can remember. She was a loyal friend of the Aliyev family. She was almost devoted to the Aliyev family. Her unquestionable loyalty to the Aliyev family was the most important criticism of the anti-Aliyev Azerbaijani opposition.

Suspicious deaths and accidents on the axis of Azerbaijan! 7
-One of the last images of Ganire Pashayeva

Both she and her brothers and sisters have received the material and moral rewards of this closeness. However, Ganire Pashayeva, looking at her relations and reflection in her country, Turkey and Turan geography, could she have wanted to become the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan! Or could some foci within Azerbaijan have led the deceased to this path?

Because the phenomenon of Mehriban Aliyeva, who devoted her life to Azerbaijan, was probably the most important obstacle to her dream. Perhaps it can be said that Ganire Pashayeva has many rivals and competitors who do not want to face her popularity both in her country and beyond its borders.

Did Ganire Paşayeva know President Erdoğan’s cousin, Mehmet Mutlu, the President of the Federation of Children’s Games and Sports Clubs (ÇOSKF) from Güneysulu, Rize?

Did they do projects together?

Or was Ganire Pashayeva trying to get Ankara’s support?

Had someone promised to help him with this?

Why neither the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan nor the “Sultan of the Caspian” Ms. Mihriban attended the funeral of Ganire Pashayeva, a loyal follower of the Aliyev family?

Suspicious deaths and accidents on the axis of Azerbaijan! 8

Ganire Pashayeva’s Turkish nationalism was as much as the boundaries of Heydarism and the Aliyev family. Perhaps the Turkish State, which had previously informed Heydar Aliyev about the coup against him, informed his son Ilham Aliyev this time. Does the Great and Ancient Turkish State do what it does, and if it did, it must have known something?

Was Arif Mikayil Acaloglu the victim of a car accident in Baku?

Suspicious deaths and accidents on the axis of Azerbaijan! 9

Istanbul Marmara University Faculty Member Turcologist, translator, born in 1956 in Borçalı, Arif Acaloğlu was invited to the international scientific conference on “Ahmet Ağaoğlu and the Turkic World” organized jointly by the Presidency of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) and the Nizami Gencevi Institute of Literature. He died in Baku, where he came to attend the conference, as a result of a mysterious traffic accident.

On November 15, at around 23.00, Azer Maksudov, a resident of Baku, hit Arif Ajaloğlu, who was crossing the road, with a Mercedes car. Ajaloğlu was taken to hospital with serious injuries and died some time later.

Azer Maksudov, the doctor of philosophy who caused the death of the late Ajaloglu, was the head of the toxicology department of the Clinical Medical Center (CMC).

It is said that a criminal case has been opened under Article 263.2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan in connection with the traffic accident that resulted in the death of Arif Acaloğlu.

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Suspicious deaths and accidents on the axis of Azerbaijan! 10

A. Acaloğlu worked as an advisor to the President of Azerbaijan in 1992-1993. He was a member of the Board of Trustees of the ELÇIBEY FOUNDATION operating in Istanbul.

In mid-1993, he left his post due to the change of government in Azerbaijan and moved to Turkey, where he worked for a long time in the Russian Language Program at Bilgi University and then in the Anthropology Department of Yeditepe University between 2008-2019.

Some say “suspicious death”, I don’t know what to say.

The great Turkologist Prof. Dr. Kâmil Veli Nerimanoğlu passed away…

Suspicious deaths and accidents on the axis of Azerbaijan! 11

This last one is likely to be a natural death given the age of the deceased.

However, Prof. Dr. Kâmil Veli Nerimanoğlu, like Arif Acaloğlu, who died in a traffic accident a month before him, served as Deputy Prime Minister in Azerbaijan during the Elçibey period after Azerbaijan’s independence and he is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Elçibey Foundation.

Prof. Dr. Kâmil Veli Nerimanoğlu, born in Cebrail on August 18, 1946, who carried out important studies in the fields of Turkish linguistics and folklore, was an honorary member of the Turkish Language Association, Atatürk Culture Center, and Turkish Folklore Association.

Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (APFP) Chairman Ali Kerimli announced the death of Nerimanoglu with the following words; “The death of Vice Chairman Professor Kamil Vali is a heavy loss not only for the PFLP family but also for our nation. Kamil Vali was a great intellectual with a principled stance. He remained loyal to the idea of the front and his intellectual position until the end of his life. Our consolation is that he lived his life with dignity and ended it with dignity.”

It is thought-provoking that the Azerbaijani media is reporting that “Nerimanoglu is said to have died of a heart attack”. My aim is not to play devil’s advocate or to look for a silver lining.

But if you know what happens to the people mentioned here when they are analyzed chronologically in light of the circumstances of the time, let me know.

If you want to wish mercy to those who have passed away and good health and well-being to those who are still alive, you are free to choose!

There is not only Turkey in Azerbaijan, there are also Russians, Israelis, British, Germans, Iranians, Chinese, Americans and French.

Most dangerously, in the region called Zangezur, or “Red Kurdistan”, there is a ‘clique’ derived from the intermarriage of Armenians and Kurds.

So, friends, a game within a game…

Evil is inexhaustible in the world, but not in Oguz. As Namik Kemal said, “May the catastrophe come to collect all kinds of misery: If I turn back, I am a traitor on the path of the nation!

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