The 2024 elections are approaching: Elon Musk reveals which US Presidential candidate he trusts

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As the US Presidential elections approach, candidates have started their rallies. As the 60th US Presidential election approaches on November 5, 2024, Musk, known for his influence in the media, announced his confidence in Vivek Ramaswamy of the Republicans.

“Yes, I think you’re right,” Musk responded to a tweet on January 14th at X, with the text, “I truly believe Vivek Ramaswamy will shock the world. This would be a huge win for the country.” Presidential candidate Vivek also reetweeted the post on his social media account.

Meanwhile, according to polls conducted by the US-based research firm Ipsos, Donald Trump will again be the Republicans’ preferred candidate for the US Presidency. In the survey, Trump’s support rate reached 49 percent, while Vivek, backed by Musk, received only 4 percent support. The rate of other candidates did not exceed 2 percent.

Musk had previously made negative remarks about Biden’s candidacy. At the same time, speaking about the upcoming US presidential elections, Musk noted that he would have to make a difficult choice. However, Musk did not give a clear answer to the question of which politician he would support.

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